Sunday, May 20, 2012

Building My Gardens

Got lots of my plants bedded down. After a couple of days in they're looking pretty good.

My herb garden has a pretty good start too!

Chalkboard Painted Pot. Only thing I don't like about this is that the rain will erase it...

I painted this one too. I didn't want a bunch of plain terracotta pots, so I thought I'd spruce them up. All I did was put painters tape on, paint it blue, and spray it lightly with poly. Turned out pretty well.

Herbs from Left to Right. Spearmint, Tinnnyyyy Basil, Lavender, Rosemary. I will soon be adding patchouli and sage :+)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Outdoor Season

I had the first indication that outdoor season will be ending very soon for me. I got a mosquito bite and smashed another. We have downright sever mosquito problems in the summer. I've been taking advantage of the beautiful weather and working hard outside. Every time I go shopping I come home with another plant. This is causing a problem. I have several vegetable plants and nowhere to put them... Our yard is very shady. Not one place could be described as "full sun." Unfortunately (and much to husband's chagrin) the best sun happens on the patio. Today I built myself a little raised bed for my patio.

Plants I've purchased...

Citronella Geraniums, Rosemary, Lavender

Plant Sale Plants from QACHS. The Ag department grows seedlings every year to raise money. They had a boatload of plants they need to sell. I spent $3 on the tray below.

My little cucumber plant- 50 cents.

Cherry Tomato- 50 cents

6 green pepper plants- $2

7 leggy zucchini plants. The Ag teacher gave them to me for free because they might not make it. Hopefully if I bury the stems they'll pull through.

Today's acquisition, a mint plant. I planted it in one of our per-existing pots and it looks all fancy now

My parents have been building/planning raised beds for a month now. My Dad is making precise measurements, they're using cedar boards, I mean, these babies are nice. Mine aren't meant to be a permanent fixture. Hopefully when the holly tree gets cut down we'll have a real in-ground garden, but I have zucchini plants that need to go in now if they have a chance of making it.

I bought 6 1x12x4 boards. Then I cut 2 of them to three feet and attached the remaining 4 ft boards to make 2 8 foot boards. Why didn't I just buy 8 foot boards? Oh, it's because the Fit is too small to carry them. Then I made a box. Jeremy wanted me to put a wood bottom on the box. Wood seemed expensive. I made an executive decision to use a tarp for the bottom instead. I figured that these are temporary (just for this summer) and even with wood bottoms we couldn't move it with the dirt in it anyway. I lined the bottom with the tarp, poked some holes for drainage, and started filling with dirt.

I'm going to nicely fold the tarp inside and put a little dirt on top to hide it when I finish.

The double-dirt color is the mix between our soil and the "garden soil" they sell at the store to fill around your vegetables when you plant them in the garden.

I currently have this aboooouuuttt half filled with dirt. Because this is not a Jeremy-sanctioned project I, personally, have been digging up places in the back backyard, filling the wheelbarrow, and emptying it into the bed. I'm going to be crazy sore tomorrow. Good thing we're going to celebrate Mother's Day with Jeremy's Mom :-p so I'll have a break. Mom  I don't want to hear the flaws you see in my planning here.

Also, I'm making orange vinegar for cleaning purposes.. It involves peeling an orange, putting it in a jar of vinegar for two weeks. Looks pretty cute for future cleaning solution.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bleach Pens

Boscov's Sale + Bleach Pen = Coolness.  I'm not feeling particularly verbose, hence the lack of commentary on these latest posts.

Some of the scarves below are completed, some are just there to complete the rainbow. Here's the process. Buy scarf. Draw on it with bleach pen. Rinse bleach off scarf in a bowl of cold water. Dry scarf.

Original Sin

My [whole] family came to visit this weekend. We wanted the house to look nice for their arrival so we got a whole bunch of projects finished and cleaned up a bit. Because the house is now, relatively, clean, I took some pictures and decided that this would be a nice time for reflection on how far we've come.

Living Room


 Bedroom #1



Bedroom #2



Bedroom #3









We still have plenty of work to do... but it's nice to see how far we've come!