Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reflecting on our Bathroom

Here's a project 2 years in the making.... We intended to put the original mirror back up following our bathroom renovation. However, it turns out installed the tile too far over. I got a dremel tool and fixed the problem, but then I dropped the big mirror and cracked the edge when we were lining it up for installation. Oops...

We've had a much smaller mirror sitting on the counter in the bathroom for some time. The other broken-ish mirror has been sitting on the floor of the guest bedroom in hopes the broken part would magically disappear or that we'd fix the mirror (HA). Anyway, in November I walked into thte bedroom and the mirror just split down the middle. I wasn't anywhere near it, it just broke when I opened the door. Oh well, at least it gave us the push to get rid of it. 

Now we needed a new mirror. We weren't really in search of one but Black Friday sales had other plans. Lowes had some remnant Black Friday sales on the following Sunday--including this huge 42 x 56 mirror for a great deal. We got that baby home, stuck it in the space and the rest is history! Just kidding. We got it home, figured out it didn't fit, so Jeremy had to move all the lights in the bathroom up about a foot before we could install it. While the project ended up taking three more hours than it should have, the mirror now happily resides on our bathroom wall.

Original Mirror

Bathroom with temporary mirror

New Mirror

Normally we have our "gossamer leaves" (no joke, that's what our shower curtain is called---I'm not nearly that poetic) shower curtain, but our house is dressed for Christmas. Needless to say, we're quite pleased with the mirror, but more pleased that it's done.

Dining Room Re-Re-Paint

Okay. I lived with it for more than a year. As the months passed I just started hating my dining room more and more. It took soooo much work to put up, but I think in the end the color clinched it. There was something 80s bathroom wallpaper to it. I just couldn't handle it anymore--especially with all of these people coming over for Christmas.

Here's what it looked like originally:

Here's with the paint job:

Here's the dining room now. I picked green, Jeremy picked the shade.

The dining room is clearly decked out for Christmas, but I think the color will wear well for all seasons. We have a lot of light and lot of green views in that room.