Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dresser Remake

Here's the project I wanted to post a while ago. I would have more *new* content today if I hadn't dropped our huge bathroom mirror and cracked it when we were getting ready to install...

Anyway, here's the finished dresser from the summer. I finally got around to making the knobs. I used a cool technique I saw on pinterest--with the sharpie and the baking, etc... The knobs are what held me up on this post. I made some horribly ugly ones first that only served to collect immense amounts of dust.



While I would've like to preserve the wood color of the dresser (which would have looked fantastic with the turquoise, by the way) the veneer was thin and too badly scratched for repair. I either would have had to purchase and apply new veneer, which is not a project I'm ready for, or settle for paint. Thankfully I think the painting turned out nicely.