Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kitchen Work

It was a long weekend, but I finished painting the kitchen. Now it has this Two-Face thing going on because the tiley-bricked half remains untouched.


1. Remove molding and cup rack.
2. Tear out light box.
3. Wash and sand.
4. Patch nail holes and gaps in the paneling.

5. Tape windows.

6. Sand and wash again

7. Prime

8. Prime Again
9. Paint
This is the culmination of 3 weekends. The painting along took all this weekend.

I'm pleased with the outcome. The color is called "Baked Scone" and less yellow than it is in these pictures. I wish that I had better pictures for you, but I always finish these projects when it's dark and then get too excited to wait to post...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cooking Up Some Progress

The kitchen is moving forward. I washed all the walls, we tore down the cup rack and the fluorescent light box. Then we fixed up the molding where the box and the rail were taken out. I was psyched to start spackling, but then I opened the spackle and it looked like this!

Mildew? Gross. Anyway, got new one when we went out for sushi this evening. Guess that puts of spackling and priming off until another day!

We also kept bumping into the hanging light. We had it tied up to the light box with twine (sketch), but really, it had to go. 

The new fixture puts out soooo much more light!

It's nothing fancy, and we're not even sure if it's the one we're going to have here permanently, but it was $7 and way better than what was there previously.