Friday, June 7, 2013

A Treasure for Trash

We have the prettiest trashcan on the block, nay, the city, nay, the county!

My parents have this pretty utilitarian wood trash can. It's sturdy and has a solid to keep the smell of onions from permeating the house... So both my sister and I requested reproductions. She got hers around her wedding(ish) time, which was a few years ago. After our most recent escapades out west, I requested one as well.

My Dad has been refining his woodworking skills--- Here's the lovely beetle-kill ponderosa pine trash can :-)

On top of the lovely box itself, my Mom "inlayed" some turquoise powder into all of the beetle holes in the pine. Below is a picture of the top. You can see all of the different flecks of the individual shavings when you look closely.

Thanks Mom and Dad! You're the best!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wedding Gift

Inspired by a piece at the lovely vineyard where she had her bridal shower, I made a friend of mine a driftwood mirror (after I discovered that they're, like, $200 at the store...) I'll just say mine is a significantly better deal.

The pictures aren't very good. The deck where I took pictures was hot. Instead of going inside to put shoes on so I didn't burn my feet, I decided to take pictures recklessly instead.

I think it looks better in person. Happy with the outcome, though!