Friday, December 30, 2011

Confusing Weather

Jeremy and I wanted to get some work done today so we set out to clean the garage out a bit. I only have iPod pictures, so they're not great, but that's okay. This is actually halfway through cleaning when I remembered to take pictures.

Cleaning wasn't all that bad because it wasn't that cold. Unfortunately, our plants feel the same way... IT'S NOT SPRINGTIME YET LITTLE PLANTS!!!

Crocuses, daffodils, and pretty pink flowers?
*Edit: My Mom has informed me the third picture are hyacinths, not crocuses.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Late Holiday Deco

I did a lot of wrapping and gift-making during Christmas week, so I didn't get as much "fun" crafting in as I would've otherwise. However, I did find five minutes to make a Colorado ornament from the map that my parents sent me.

Easy as pie. Cut small part of map into varying width 6" strips (or so, doesn't really matter). Curl around a pencil, shove in ornament. Colorado around Denver made an especially nice ornament because of the population and elevation changes so close together. Delaware would probably make a, comparatively, boring ornament.

I also threw together a star for the top of our tree. Probably took 20 minutes. With more planning I could've made it with a uniform paper and lights... but I'm try to save myself some money in the wake of the holiday season.

Get Organized?

Usually I'm not interested in posting things I find on the internet on my blog, but this one popped out at me. Perhaps I'm feeling particularly disorganized lately. Regardless, I'm not actually doing this challenge, just posting it.

It's an organization challenge that functions on the same premise as successful diet programs; life habits don't change overnight. It breaks down each part of your home into tiny pieces and you're supposed to follow it bit by bit. I like that idea because I know that my spaces tend to return to their state of nature without proper planning.

*PS I've just noticed that when I don't have a creative name for a post I just put a question mark at the end to indicate that I'm questioning my choice of title. I almost always come up with something else, but many of my "draft" posts have a question-marked title.