Thursday, June 30, 2011

Baby got Backyard

Good news! It looks like closing is set for July 7th! We may get this house yet! (Maybe... assuming that all goes well with the final inspection, but let's be honest the odds of that are pretty small considering our luck so far.)

Thought that I would pacify the masses with a pleasant backyard posting. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of great pictures about what's going on back there, but rest assured it's a jungle. The lot itself is 1.2 acres and is backed by a very slow running stream. There's lots of fun skunk cabbage and swamp too. It's Delaware, what can you do?

Here's the highlights of the backyard....

These were taken March, mind you, so it's a little bare...

Now, the crowning glory of the backyard. Yes, that's a gazebo.

This next one is of the brick patio. We think it used to be used for an enclosed sun room. We I am thinking hot tub. That'll come after we replace the decking on the upper deck... and buy a grill... and get new railing all around the deck... and repair the, urm, gap? in the gazebo roof... and clear out the enormous lumber pile in the backyard... and destroy what might be the root of all poison ivy on the Eastern Shore... and... well, you get the picture.

New Settlement Date

Looks like we've got a final settlement date of Thursday, July 7, 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Bedrooms

Ah, the sweet internet has finally returned to our household. I was already on the verge of sanity without a house to play in yet. It certainly seems like it's not going to happen anytime soon, but with any luck next Tuesday is the day. So, without further ado, here's the upstairs.

The upstairs is lovely, but is no exception to the rest of the house in that it needs work.

The Main Bathroom (aka project numero uno)

 This is the first room we're going to tackle when we get into the house. The layout's fine, but serious updating is a necessity. Take note of the pink tub... (sorry Justin)

Pink sinks, maroon curtains, maroon tile edgings...

and movie star lighting.

Plans for in here include a new tub, vanity, and toilet (along with their various accoutrements) .

The Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Warning: The photos below have lots of crazy wallpaper and insane amounts of storage space. This room is scary. We'll definitely be sleeping in another bedroom for a while.

Doors from left to right: Bathroom, Linen Closet, Regular Closet [corner] door to the hall, Another regular closet, (not pictured--another huge closet and two windows)

This is possibly my least favorite room in the house. The cerulean blue toilet, mismatched tile, floor, mirrors, medicine cabinet, ugly wallpaper and GRIME are just not doing it for me. I look forward to making this go away, but not to figuring out how stuff is going to fit in it's place.

Shower stall

The Other Two Bedrooms

I was going to separate them out into two different sections, but you can probably tell which is which based on the intense color.

I thought they only painted porch ceilings blue in the south to keep away bugs... Apparently this pink pink room has a bug problem?

Well, that's most of the exciting stuff. I'll have to put up some pictures of the backyard and basement. Maybe some plans in the next week. You'll probably be able to measure my boredom by the number of postings I make...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Living Level

So, here's the second floor! This is probably where we'll be spending most of our time (in life, not in renovation.)

The Living Room
 As you walk up from the entry level you enter the living room, which is currently a lovely mustard yellow. Here's a shot facing back towards the stairs. You can see the maroon wallpaper from the entry way. Oh? That lovely fireplace? Nice marblish-looking tile (we don't know what it is) and slate hearth.... The blue can be changed. Thankfully, so can the curtains.

If you walk back towards the steps here's view headed upstairs. The house doesn't exactly have an "open" floor plan, but there is a lot of visibility between the rooms and the different floors.

Along the wall opposite the bay window. If you look closely you can see the wall paper I'll be stripping off the ceiling soon...

Love the funky details--the arch to go into the dining room.

The Dining Room

Not much to see here. Just lots of pink curtains and pink wallpaper. As soon as the wallpaper's stripped, the window treatments updated, and the whole room is painted it's going to be a pretty drastic change.

The Kitchen

This is the last room on the second floor. It has a lot of work that needs to go into it, but it's functional for the time being. We're not going to bite off more than we can chew right away, so the kitchen will likely stay how it is for a while. I mention some of the things in the kitchen that need a liiiittttle help.

View into the dining room from the kitchen--check out all that cabinet space!

Here's the rest of the kitchen (minus the enormous fridge that we're definitely going to have to replace.) Note those sweet countertops. Also notice the not-so-sweet country tile and FAUX brick with PAINTED grout. Only thing I appreciate about this? The fact that faux brick is likely easier to take down than real brick.

Better shot of the stained glass window in front of the sink.

Shot looking up from the den into the kitchen. You can see the movable island hanging out in the corner. You can also kind of see the door onto the deck. You get a great look at the oddly colored non-regulation rail that will be promptly removed.

Level three coming soon!

Monday, June 13, 2011

About our [Future] House

The house is a split-level, but not the kind where you walk in and have to decide to go up or down right away. The foyer has sweet slate floors and this cool smoky gray light (I haven't decided if it's staying or not).

You can either go up the stairs to the left and into the living room.

Or you can walk through into the den (view of den from kitchen)

From the den you can go to the scary-looking office...

Or the even scarier-looking half-bath

Please note the (A) Lime Green Walls (B) Gold etched mirror tiles (C) African dancers with giraffe/deer. This bathroom is going to be my weekday project during the summer, mostly because it's really scary and something must be done.

The second level... coming soon! Especially because it looks like I'm going to have another week on my hands to entertain myself before I'm a real homeowner.

Going to the top? Soon.

Well, being that we're having a little issue with closing on time I figured I'd do some pre-ownership updating. I'll have to put my dreams of renovation/decoration/organization on hold for now. I need to keep reminding myself that in three weeks time I'll be up to my elbows in work.

Sunday, June 12, 2011