Tuesday, September 24, 2013


So, summers off? Summers off of work, summers off the blog. Weddings, babies, seminars have kept us busy for the pst four months. Not too busy for crafts, just too busy to remember to post the creations.

A quilt for baby Meadow....

Up close the stitching is supposed to look like tree bark. She turned out pretty cute (both the puppy and Meadow)

Tye Dye with the wonderful Heather...

Not really a project... but this zucchina/squash/carrot/ham tart was cool lookin' and tasty.

Finally, Baby P's baby shower. 

Invites! Those little pennants tried to warn me away, but I perservered!

Stuffed animals hanging out on the mantle for the Jungle theme.

The cake turned out pretty well--but I am convinced that I am going to improve on this technique.

These are the little animal magnets I made for favors. They're stuck to a magnet picture frame made out of a sheet of metal from Home Depot and a picture frame. I kept an Emu for ma-self.