Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fighting the English, Ivy, that is.

The yard has an enormous amount of English Ivy. I spent 2 hours fighting back this little portion. I cut out an entire boxwood and then ripped out the ivy so you could see the driveway.

I started out just cutting out the dead portions of the boxwood because the demo going on in the house was too noisy.

I ended up cutting down a boxwood. It was the small one on the end. A lot of it was dead and the base was infested with pillbugs.

I wish I'd take a picture of the newly revealed driveway in the daylight, but it's a little late now.

You light up my life/basement

Two out of the two florescent lights in our basement didn't work. At about 8pm this evening the guys got to work on that.

It was black and scary before. I could post the photo of "before" but it's just a black square. Use your imagination.

What it looked like during.


Upstairs Bathroom Progress

Demo's finished. Looks like we're going to put the plywood underlay and the new tub in tomorrow. I think I'll be spending days this week tiling :-).

No more vanity.


No more pink tub.

We actually got the tub out of the bathroom and down the stairs with just three people. We're pretty pleased because at first we thought we'd have to put the reno on hold until we could get some more muscle. We got it though!

Let's not flush money down the toilet...

We wanted to save a few bucks and not replace the perfectly good toilets we had. Instead we (meaning Jeremy and his Dad) replaced the valves to make the flushing happen. I played a pivotal role in replacing the seats. Jeremy had to unscrew them for me because of the necessary brute strength... but I DID PUT THE NEW ONES ON.

Power Room

Blue Bathroom

Just replacing the toilet seat and the valves probably saved us $340 bucks that we can use for one of our many other endeavors.


The former cold kitchen resident was not in the best shape. It was moldy, smelly, and leaking from an unknown source. Our kind visitors helped us move it out of the kitchen a few weeks ago.

On Thursday we got our new fridge! We've been waiting for three weeks for this lovely.


After, kind of. We had to take the cabinet off of the top because the fridge was a 1/4 inch too tall :-/. Should be fixable though.

The new fridge yielded these yummy goodies. Yeah, we're adults. We drink sparkling grape juice. Also, that is paint splashed on the bottle. [To clarify, we purchased the food at the store. It did not come in the fridge. We probably would not eat it if it did.]

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Move Day/Tuesday

Four words that describe Moving Day: heavy, humid, hot, hexhausting. Jeremy's Mom and Dad, Jeremy, Megan, and I worked all day getting stuff over here. It took two truckloads, three vanloads, and 3 carloads. I didn't get any pictures of the move itself because I didn't want to be accused of not doing the hard work :-). I didn't do as much hard work as everyone else, admittedly, because I had to wait for the comcast guy to come. I did get the kitchen put away while I was waiting. A huge THANK YOU has to go to everyone who helped.

Here's the post-move damage.


 At 10 we went out to the grocery store to get dinner. We've been going to Food Lion, but we went to REDNER'S last night. The selection was awe-inspiring (comparatively). We walked around like we've never been in a grocery store. They had more than one brand of mozzarella sticks. I think we've only bought them from the store once, still amazing though.

Can you tell I was tired? That last picture got a little blurry.

We got nothing done today because the cat had to go to the vet. We did some unpacking. The room still looks rough, like we pulled everything out of boxes and put it on the floor.

I'll work on some more, more interesting posts later. Right now I'm tired.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Night of Packing

Okay! We officially live at the new house. Sunday and Monday were both loooooonnnnggg days. Jeremy is beat (and sleeping right now.) He has an excuse because he has to go to work tomorrow.

I'll start with the night of packing. We weren't as bad off as some, being as we got some sleep, but we definitely were workin' hard. Well... most of us...

 Hard to get a good picture. He was on the move.

Cat in tub. Bedtime happened soon after this.

I got up at 7 am and finished packing the kitchen and bedroom. Jonas, as usual, watched.