Monday, September 5, 2011

Blogger and I are not getting along today. Here's the gist of what I wrote.

We were busy this weekend at the labor day picnic. I was disappointed with the lack of work that when on at the house. I decided to start on the next room because I can't proceed on the bathroom until my expert laborers finish their parts. The hallway is next, so I stripped the ceilingpaper this evening when we got home.

Before: Dirty, dingy smoker paper.


You strip wallpaper with a fabric softner and hot water mix. Tip: Don't use a scent that you like because everytime you do laundry you'll think about renovating. The ceilingpaper came off pretty well. It must've been professionally installed because only one of the four strips had lots of adhesive on it. I like that because that's less scraping for me!


Clean-ish ceiling. Uncovered some old water damage and the accompanying mold. Nothing a little bleach and spackle can't fix. Onwards and upwards! Literally. My goal for the week? Finish the ceiling? Tall order with school going on. We'll see.


  1. I like it! btw there's a class coming up in our neighborhood explaining how to wallpaper, if you're interested I can get you in ;)

  2. I love that you're always thinking of me. I could just come in and clean up after the class. Or I could teach an associated class 6 months later for when they get tired of the paper they put up.