Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Place to Set my Toothbrush

They're here! We can set stuff on them now!

We picked up the bathroom counter/sinks at the store today. We were pleased as punch that they fit in the Fit. At 61" inches we thought it might not happen, but we even had room for both of us to have seats with seatbelts!

"Stop taking my picture and help me get this out of the car."

The counters are a marble hybrid. They've got a combo of marble dust and limestone in them. They feel much nicer than the plastic-y composite that was the other option.

There isn't running water yet. The hole that my strong husband punched in the wall has to be repaired first (okay, so he accidentally kicked it in while pushing the tub in...) Tomorrow we set to work on the shower handles. Again. It's kind of the neverending story there...


  1. So pretty! Are those your new faucets too?

  2. Yes yes! They match the bathtub faucets.