Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fruits of my Weekend Labor

I started work on the hallway earlier this week/last weekend. I'll probably finish it up next weekend. This was a solo project, so it's taking longer than it otherwise would.

Here's me prepping the walls for painting. I'm putting a line of caulk along the molding make it look seamless with the wall. I also spackled lots of nail pops--obviously.

I also primed the ceiling and walls today. I ran out of primer after finishing the ceiling, so I had to run out and get more. It'll look better when it has real paint on it. Right now the primer looks patchy. I'm painting it very light gray next weekend (Full Moon, to be exact) so that it plays nicely with the living room. We toyed with the idea of something vibrant like teal, but decided it's better to go vibrant in the rooms than the hallway, since it connects to all the other rooms.

That was my work for the weekend!

Oh yeah,  we also have water running in our bathroom sinks.... All we need now is the drains underneath of them.

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